Dr. SVP Reddy graduated from Karnataka Medical College, Hubli, in 1990. He as experience of 26+ Years, he completed his US Medical Residency from St. Barnabas Hospital, USA and Board Certification from American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. SVP Reddy offered her services as Consultant Physician from Saileela Hospital, Karimnagar for a period of 13 years after moving to India in 2001. Dr. Reddy is first and foremost a great listener, seeking to understand her patients' needs and expectations by taking time to listen to their concerns and to craft her treatment recommendations accordingly. His patients say he is warm, cheerful, caring, compassionate and very thorough.

As an Internal Medicine Specialist, he is trained to take care of a variety of medical problems. In a typical week, he sees patients with Pleural tap, central line placement, ascetic tap, and Lumbar puncture, Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gas Analysis, Hypertension, Diabetic, COPD/Asthma, Renal Insufficiency and Cerebro – Vascular diseases.

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  • MBBS, MD
  • General Physician