Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to provide best care of the sick through integrated clinical practice, leading the way to a healthier community and healthier you, and inspire hope.


The vision of Padmaja Hospital: To deliver the promise of medicine, striving to be the nation’s leader in patient experience and to be the most admired healthcare provider. When we thought of establishing the nation’s renowned health system - Padmaja Hospital, our vision of providing the best care to our community was clearly in place. The doctors who founded Padmaja Hospital believed in diverse specialists working and thinking as a unit and this kind of shared vision, efficiency and cooperation have stimulated excellence in care.

Value statements

Padmaja Hospital has been established by visionary leaders who believed in fundamental values of transforming our community to a healthier community. Eight fundamental values form the foundation of Padmaja Hospital’s culture:

  • Respect. Treat patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity.
  • Quality. Maintain highest standards of care and strive to exceed our patient’s expectations for convenience and comfort.
  • Teamwork. Blend the skills of staff in unsurpassed collaboration and value the contribution of all.
  • Integrity. Adhere to highest standards of professionalism, high moral principles, ethics, and commitment to honesty, trust and transparency.
  • Compassion. We exhibit our commitment to world-class care and handle our patients with empathy and sensitivity.
  • Innovation. Enhance the lives of our patients through unique talents of each employee and creative ideas.
  • Stewardship. Strengthen our mission by wisely managing our material, natural and human resources.
  • A Quest for Excellence. Deliver the highest quality service and best outcomes through the dedicated effort.