Laboratory Services of Padmaja Hospital provides support in diagnosing, monitoring and treatment of patients. Padmaja Hospital Laboratory operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve emergency and trauma patients. We offer a comprehensive range of specialty and routine lab tests and services in the areas of hematology, chemistry, blood bank, microbiology, anatomic pathology and cytology. Our Laboratory houses a vast array of top-of-the-line medical instruments which greatly enhances the accuracy of any test. We offer excellence in advanced procedures such as PET/CT Scans, ultrasound, mammography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Our Laboratory is designed to combine both lab services and diagnostic imaging for ultimate convenience and you’ll experience the latest imaging technology and highly-personalized care at Padmaja Hospital. We perform more than 150,000 tests a year.


Padmaja Hospital Laboratory is staffed by experts who draw blood, technologists, and nurses who know how to administer the tests you need and provide rapid, accurate results. Our team is skilled at working with both children and adults and we take great pride in our ability to put patients at ease. Our experts collect tests with utmost efficiency in a private and confidential setting. Our noble objective is to offer laboratory services of world standards to a common man at an affordable price. We have more than 100 equipment that has the capability to perform 4000-5000 tests a day and we are committed to providing quality laboratory services in a timely manner. Our staff are highly trained and dedicated to putting the patient first. 


Padmaja Hospital Laboratory proudly offers:

  • Certified phlebotomists
  • Comprehensive diagnostic test menu
  • Patient-centered friendly care
  • Appropriate care of specimens from collection to results
  • Faster turn-around time

X-ray Lab:

The best treatment of some of today's most deadly diseases is early detection and Padmaja Hospital has the very latest in imaging tools which are needed to identify medical threats early. We offer a full range of outpatient and inpatient x-ray procedures including myelography (spinal cord x-ray examinations) and comprehensive fluoroscopic procedures. The benefits to patients who undergo lab test at Padmaja Hospital is they get access to improved technology without a cost increase, up to 60 percent of radiation dose reduction and higher quality images.