1. Right to personal dignity and during examination procedures and treatment
  2. Right to any special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs
  3. Right to safeguard his/her privacy and confidentiality
  4. Right to seek information about his / her health
  5. Right to access and get a copy of his/her medical record
  6. Right to protect from physical abuse or neglect
  7. Right to refuse treatment at his/her own risk
  8. Right to know the cost of treatment
  9. Right to voice complaint


To provide complete and accurate information about Name, Age, address, contact details, correct and truthful history and any other information

To ask questions when unable to understand what doctor/other

Staffs tells about diagnosis or treatment

To understand that in case he/she leaves against medical advice, it will be at his/her own risk

To follow the Hospital rules and regulations

To pay his/her medical bills promptly on time

To treat the staff staffs and fellow patients with respect