Padmaja Hospital - General Physician - Medicine Division

When you seek care from the General Internal Medicine Division at Padmaja Hospital, you will find our primary care general physician dedicated to understanding, provide coordinated, value-based care and committed to prevent, diagnose and treat the broad range of illnesses that affect adults. Regular screenings and checkups when you're well can help you stay that way. At Padmaja Hospital, we offer well visits in Telangana to help prevent health issues before they start, so you can be assured of healthiest future possible. If you are looking for a best primary care provider near you, Padmaja Hospital can offer top quality care for you and your family. Our General Medicine division team includes experienced general internists, family physicians, Med-Peds, physician assistants, behavioral health counselors and nurse practitioners who provide dedicated well care. Our experts can help with preventive care by spotting health problems before they make you sick which makes you feel good.

Your healthcare needs changes throughout your life and you need a trusted physician to be at the center of your care who treats minor conditions and provide the specialized care you need. The primary care physician at Padmaja Hospital can be your doctor for life. Our team highly competent team provides a wide range of general medical services. Regular visits with your primary care physician and help prevent or manage the most common conditions like:

  • Cancer. Not all types of cancer show early symptoms, but your doctor can listen recommend appropriate cancer screenings.
  • Heart disease. Regular blood pressure and cholesterol checkup is ideal to check important heart disease risk factors and it appropriate measures can be taken keep your heart health in check, like  achieving lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Diabetes Your primary care physician can check your blood sugar levels and identify whether you're at risk for diabetes and take steps to keep your sugar level on track.
  • Infectious diseases like malaria, dengue fever, typhoid fever, swine flu etc.
  • Recurrent infections such as sore throat, fever, cold, bacterial infections and chest infections.
  • Chronic headache such as a tension-type headache or a migraine.

At Padmaja Hospital, Kukatpally we believe that consulting a doctor is about more than just having a treatment or a checkup; it is about building positive relationships with the doctors who support you. It is important to have a doctor who knows you as a person - not just a name on the appointment list. Building a long term positive relationship with your doctor means you have an expert on your side to help you meet your goals and health needs to live a healthy life.